Stella McCartney Pre Fall 2017, New York

Stella Mc Cartney Pre Fall 2017 presentation was a celebration of movement. With this collection Stella McCartney wanted to  “celebrates bold color and movement, explore volumes and linear silhouettes,” she said, and it was magnificent!

Harlem’s storied Cotton Club is an unusual site for a fashion show but this is the place Stella McCartney choose for this presentation. “The club is so iconic, so historical, and New York is one of my favorite cities in the world,” McCartney said of her location choice. “To come and explore Harlem and the musical fashion here in this venue really relates to celebrating women and the collection.”

The club celebrates its 40th anniversary this year! For the occasion Alicia Keys made a suprise appearence for a beautiful performance.


Legacy Of “Black Designers”

The Museum of Fashion at FIT (Fashion Institue of Technology) of New York just stepped into the ongoing conversation about diversity in fashion with a major contribution. From December 9th to May 16th, the Museum organizes a major exhibition named “The Black Designers”. A kind of provocative title for a major exhibition. A must see for sure. Continue reading “Legacy Of “Black Designers””

Gucci Envy

London Zhiloh, Tami Williams, Salem Mitchell, Saleh Marley, Okay Kaya, and Gabrielle Richardson our favorite models of the moment are killing the latest Gucci collection in the streets of New York through the Autumn light!

Continue reading “Gucci Envy”

New York Fashion Week Recap

From Yeezy to Marc Jacobs our favorite moments at New York fashion week were full of originality. See our favorites looks, our favorites collections and favorites moments from this 9 days crazy fashion marathon in New York City! Let us know what you thnik. Continue reading “New York Fashion Week Recap”

Tony Awards 2016: The Best Dressed

The Great White Way has celebrated its landmark year with the 70th annual Tony Awards. Hosted by none other than James Corden, this year’s ceremony is one of the buzziest in Broadway’s history. Hamilton obsession has reached a fever pitch and it’s gone on to earn 16 Tony nominations. For sure Broadway has entered in a Golden and diverse age!  Continue reading “Tony Awards 2016: The Best Dressed”

Abstraction by Julie Mehretu

Julie Mehretu is a key african artist of her generation with a growing international exposure. Born in 1070 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,  her family moved to the United States in 1977. She graduated from Kalamazoo College in 1992, and began pursuing an art career independently before she enrolled in the MFA program at the Rhode Island School of Design. Continue reading “Abstraction by Julie Mehretu”

Inna Modja Stands Up For Women’s Rights

Malian-born singer Inna Modja who recently moved from Paris to New York  performed few weeks ago during a special event in New York, Mobilizing to Achieve the Global Goals through the Elimination of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) by 2030. Having been subjected to FGM as a small girl, Ms. Modja advocates for the rights of women and girls. Continue reading “Inna Modja Stands Up For Women’s Rights”

New York Fashion Week, RTW FW 2016

That’s wrap! New York Fashion Week is over. Here is a recap of our favorite shows and looks. Follow us on Instagram to see our backstage snapshots! Continue reading “New York Fashion Week, RTW FW 2016”