Bisrat, Fashion Designer

Today The Soul Edition is happy to focus on a woman we really love: Bisrat Negassi.

Bisrat is a very talented and prominent fashion designer. Her collections always bring something new to fashion. As she like to describe her brand, Negassi is transcultural fashion, a universal language inspires the creations. The Line represents a modern and classic design, with Afro/Asian influences and has a German conceptual perspective. Her creations are manufactured in Germany where she lives. Continue reading “Bisrat, Fashion Designer”

New York Fashion Week, RTW FW 2016

That’s wrap! New York Fashion Week is over. Here is a recap of our favorite shows and looks. Follow us on Instagram to see our backstage snapshots! Continue reading “New York Fashion Week, RTW FW 2016”

Remembering Monsieur Courrèges

Very sad news. André Courrèges, the French fashion designer and sculpteur, died at the age of 92 after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease, at his home in Neuilly-sue-Seine, near Paris. André Courrèges was the founder and catalyst of the space-age fashion movement in the ’60s, he was a true revolutionary figures, responsible for liberating women from the strict, feminine silhouettes of the ’50s in favor of miniskirts, peekaboo A-line dresses, and his infamous white ankle boots. André Courrèges was also known for being one of the first couturier who worked with black models. We thank him for all the beautiful work he did all over the years. He’ll be truly missed. Rest in peace. Continue reading “Remembering Monsieur Courrèges”

TBT: Pat Cleveland, one of the first!

Pat Cleveland was born in New York City on June 23, 1952 to parents of African American, Native American (Cherokee), Swedish and Irish ancestry. Her father, Johnny Johnston, was a saxophonist, and her mother, Ladybird, was a painter. Cleveland’s parents split up when she was very young, after which she was brought up by her mother. Continue reading “TBT: Pat Cleveland, one of the first!”