Year One

In this period of resolutions, the only one we want to make is to stay focus on positive things. To see the bright side of life in every circumstances. It’s not easy but if you consider the power of the mind over the body it is definitely the key of good health and success! Positive persons anticipate happiness, health and success, and believes he or she can overcome any obstacle and difficulty.

See the positive side, the potential, and make an effort” use to day the Dalai Lama. 

Positive thinking was one of the postulate when we created The Soul Édition. The willing was to share, to discuss, to put the spotlight on positive, creative, beautiful things and people we usually don’t see in the mass media. Our  idea was not to deny the despicable spectacle that often offers the world, but we consider that the other media were already concentrate on that.

Representation is everything, we do sincerely believe in this affirmation. Beyond that, we sincerely believe that by sharing more about our differences, diversity will become normality.  This postulate is in the center of our editorial line.

Last week we celebrated the first anniversary of TSÉ. One year already! For the occasion we launched a new version of our online publication and shop. Thanks to our fabulous team we really empowered it and we wish you will enjoy more visiting us every day. 

A website is in constant evolution, it’s like a living organism,  that is why all over the year you will discover new things. One of the first  will be the French version of the website…. at last!

This anniversary is also the occasion to THANK YOU for being with us since the beginning or joining us since. TSÉ was create to fill a lack of diversity in the editorial approach of magazines and blogs. Your presence confirmed that -even if we have many things to improve-, we were right. This is very encouraging. The idea of having readers from Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Caribbean, France, Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, USA, etc… is the most rewarding thing we could expect. Having you, a diverse, beautiful and constantly growing audience is what makes us thrill.

Happy Birthday TSÉ and Happy New year to all of you dear readers where ever you.

Carole Bienaimé Besse

Remembering Franca Sozzani

Franca Sozzani, the longtime editor in chief of Vogue Italia passed away. Franca was appointed to the position in 1988, the same month that her counterpart Anna Wintour was named editor in chief of American Vogue.

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Merci Mrs Obama!

When I created The Soul Edition my ambition was to give a better representation of certain issues, some artists, entrepreneurs, models, designers, places, that are not usually represented in mainstream medias. The Soul Edition answered a need expressed by many of you dear readers. Continue reading “Merci Mrs Obama!”

Hair is in the Air

Solange Knowles just released “Don’t touch my hair”, a new title from her album “A Seat at the Table ” and it immediately resumes the beauty conversation on social media that started a month ago. Continue reading “Hair is in the Air”

Shop The Soul Édition!

Spring is here and it is the occasion for us to officially launch The Soul Edition‘s Shop.

As an upscale digital media and soon a broadcaster, it was important for us to offer you the possibility to shop our stories and some of our finds. Continue reading “Shop The Soul Édition!”

The Changing Face Of Feminism

Women in Hollywood has been an increasingly important topic in the past two years. Whether it’s the issue of diversity, wage gap or even nabbing a role when an actress is above the age of 40, the women of Hollywood are speaking out against everything they face. We remember Viola Davis’s Emmy speech, Patricia Arquette’s one last year at the Oscar and of course Amandla Stenberg and Jennifer Lawrence declarations. Continue reading “The Changing Face Of Feminism”

2016 The Year Of Fitness Enthusiasm

Happy New Year to all of you. We really hope you enjoyed your Holidays and had time to take car of the ones you cherish. These good moments worth a million! Continue reading “2016 The Year Of Fitness Enthusiasm”

Merry Christmas everyone!

The Soul Édition‘s team and myself are wishing you all a Merry Christmas!
Enjoy your holidays, enjoy your family, enjoy your friends…life is too short for regrets! Continue reading “Merry Christmas everyone!”