Remembering Franca Sozzani

Franca Sozzani, the longtime editor in chief of Vogue Italia passed away. Franca was appointed to the position in 1988, the same month that her counterpart Anna Wintour was named editor in chief of American Vogue.

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Diverse Beauty

After photographing the actress Lupita Nyong’o, Alexi Lubomirski was so impressed by her natural beauty that he felt she didn’t need studio lighting because she radiated light from within. He was then inspired to create a book, which represents diverse beauty without boundaries. Continue reading “Diverse Beauty”

The Changing Face Of Feminism

Women in Hollywood has been an increasingly important topic in the past two years. Whether it’s the issue of diversity, wage gap or even nabbing a role when an actress is above the age of 40, the women of Hollywood are speaking out against everything they face. We remember Viola Davis’s Emmy speech, Patricia Arquette’s one last year at the Oscar and of course Amandla Stenberg and Jennifer Lawrence declarations. Continue reading “The Changing Face Of Feminism”