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Springtime is not only the season of the magic rebirth of nature. In the springtime, this is renewal time for our bodies as well and this first medicine is a spring-cleaning for the body. Finding time for a standing weekly manicure appointment—or even a DIY version at home—is increasingly tricky. So here are some tips to stash in your hands and nails Spring rebirth!


It’s difficult to achieve the same nail design for all 10 fingers. Add to that, you cannot spend a longtime for nail care in your busy schedule.
That’s why Kabako took a hint from the techniques used by pros to develop these triangular stick-shaped nail files. According the shape you want Oval or Square-Off you’ll choose the pink one or the grey one.



To remove gently the cuticules and soften your hands you only need a gentle cleanser, an organic oil nails and a hand balm.

Resurrection Duet by Aesop is a delightful duo to cleanse and care for the hands.This sublime, highly sought-after products contain a careful blend of fragrant botanicals and skin-softening emollients that deliver rich hydration to hands and cuticles. It is formulated for frequent use. Wash your hands lovingly with this mild cleanser then follow with a generous application of the rich, soothing balm. Each formulation is designed for frequent use to treat labour-wearied hands.

Reverence Duet
by Aesop is an exceptional exfoliating formulations to cleanse and hydrate the hands. With a careful blend of botanical extracts and finely milled Pumice, this formulation performs a mild exfoliation to effect purified, refreshed and exceptionally smooth hands. The duet of products – each formulation characterized by a complex and woody aroma – that offers scrupulous cleansing and superior hydration for the hands. It is a fantastic detox for your hands and nails.


Uka oil nails are magic. There are five nail oils total: a basic one, to be applied whenever, and then four separate oils for specific times of the day. Each one is formulated with specific essential oil fragrances meant to optimize you for that time of day. So, your 7:15 oil features sandalwood, hinoki, and yuzu to help create a feeling of Zen that will help promote productivity, while your 24:45 has lavender, vanilla, and orange extracts to calm you down and ease you off into dream land.
How to use it? With the back of your hand facing up, roll the bottle tip over the base of your nails, giving them one or two coats of oil. Then rub the nails of both hands against each other, to uniformly distribute the oil over all your fingers. Apply nail oil to each finger, and stretch from the base of each finger toward the tip. Warm your fingers to the very tips, while enjoying the delightful fragrance.


Remove any surface irregularities from your nails just by polishing them in order with the four different surface grades of these block-shaped buffers by the Japanese brand Kobako which give your nails a lustrous sheen. They provide large contact surfaces for your nails, making it possible to polish your nails without strain, and we have carefully adjusted the pliability of the block’s cores for just the right level of flexibility.



Try the Spring 2016 collection by LVX! LVX is 7 toxin-free premium nail lacquers brand. LVX is devoted to launching the hottest collections for each season by translating the top runway colors based on emerging trends in high fashion to create custom color palettes. LVX products are formulated without the use of Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene, Camphor, Xylene & Parabens. LVX is TPHP free and Gluten Free.



Finish with a topcoat, that can also be used as base coat, will keep a manicure looking fresh all week long. Try Habit’s bamboo-capped nontoxic version.



Cover: Alécia Morais by Richard Bush via Harper’s Bazaar


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Apr. 8, 2016

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