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Genius make-up artist Pat MacGrath strikes again! Only few months after the debut of her line Gold 001 who was sold out in few hours, the queen of make-up artist is back with a new creation: Skin Fetish 003, from Pat McGrath’s Labs.

Skin Fetish 003 is a transformative kit of backstage secrets for sinfully sublime skin, it will give you the glow you’ve always wanted.

Pat McGrath

It was very important for me to have a multifaceted product, because that’s how I work,” McGrath explained. “It’s how I do skin. It’s not just about one product…it’s a mixture of a few. Most people think [I just use] one thing. It never has been [that way]. To really make that [kind of illuminated] skin, it’s a lot of different  so you can tailor your look.”

The new three-piece collection features a dual-ended stick with a creamy illuminator on one side and a nutrient-rich balm on the other that are meant to be layered with fingertips.

I couldn’t figure out the formulation — it’s glossy and shiny, but with no discernible shimmer. “The formula is actually a gel, which is so different from the typically metallic or white shade,” McGrath said. “It’s really tapping into that lit-from-within look, instead of looking like you’ve got talc or mica that’s in the way of your [natural] skin.” The line is also pumped with good-for-your-skin ingredients, such as argan oil and aloe.

Skin Fetish 003 is available in  two versions, a Golden one and a nude one. You can use it separately or together.

Do you remember the ethereal skin beauty look of Valentino Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear show? It was Pat MacGrath’s creation  and it was the first time she used the product.

Pat McGrath loves experimentation. It is part of her signature.

“We really want to teach people how we do things at shows and in those campaigns,” McGrath said. “It’s all about experimenting. We encourage you to mix-and-match and play with the products.” She has formulated the makeup to be used everywhere on the face — not just the eyes or cheekbones. “All of [the products] can be used separately, but they look gorgeous together when you want to just go for it.”

I think that people just want to be themselves,” she said. “There’s a celebration of individuality — we’ve been calling it ‘raw glamour,’ actually. There’s something beautiful about the rawness and realness of the skin, and people are drawn to that.” Skin Fetish 003 is McGrath’s perfect answer to this call.

Pat McGrath Labs will produce just 25,000 of the Skin Fetish 003 Kit, which will be available on April 26 at PatMcGrath.com and on May 10 at Sephora.com.




Here are a few tips from Pat McGrath to use Skin Fetish 003 :
Experiment to achieve a range of exquisite effects, from bare, dewy divinity to stunning luminosity beyond the spectrum.
-ACCENTUATE Swipe balm alone onto high points of skin for that fresh, editorial glow. Flip the stick and use highlighter solo to elevate your bone structure.
-AMPLIFY Take it to the next level. Apply highlighter, followed by balm pressed on top for runway radiance.
-TRANSCEND Go all the way. Buff the pigment over the Shiny Stick duo for an aliengelic gleam of otherworldly opulence.
Lavish light anywhere on the face and body. Add sumptuous sheen to eyelids and lips. Brighten brow bones, corners of eyes. Dramatize décolletage. Glorify shoulders.



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Mar. 29, 2016

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