Queens of Africa Dolls

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If you have children, you’ll definitely have to offer them one of theses beautiful dolls.

Started as a personal mission seven years ago by Taofick Okoya, frustrated that he couldn’t find a black doll on the market for his niece, Queens of Africa Dolls  line is outselling Barbie in Nigeria. Each doll represents a different African tribe (Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa).

“It became a frontline project for me due to the resistance the dolls received because of their color and outfits from most children and distributors,” he explains. “I spent about two years campaigning on the importance and benefits of dolls in the African likeness. During that process, I realized greater social issues such as low self esteem, which led to the passion to make a change in the coming generation. It’s been a tough journey but one I have enjoyed.”

Okoya sells 6,000 to 9,000 dolls a month, Reuters reports—10 to 15 percent of Nigeria’s small but growing toy market, by Okoya’s estimation.

Queens of Africa’s reach is global thanks to the web, where Okoya accepts online orders for the dolls. The next step, the American market. Okoya has announced that in addition to meeting with potential American distributors, he will be taking the dolls on a “Coming to America” tour throughout the United States between May and July, with stops in Atlanta, New York, and Chicago scheduled and we love it!

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May. 27, 2016

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