Make Up? No, Thank You!


With her new hashtag campaign #NoMakeup, musician Alicia Keys has proudly stopped smearing on foundation and wiping on mascara.

“To fit in or be thought of as beautiful, you have to cover up to be a bit closer to perfect,” she wrote in an essay for Lenny Letter, which sparked her decision.

“Every time I left the house, I would be worried if I didn’t put on makeup: What if someone wanted a picture?” she wrote. “What if they POSTED it??? These were the insecure, superficial, but honest thoughts I was thinking. And all of it, one way or another, was based too much on what other people thought of me.“

alicia keys no make up - the soul editionIn order to regain her confidence, Keys stopped wearing makeup entirely — including during photoshoots and performances.

Since Keys’ essay launched last week, people have stepped forward saying that Keys’ support of other women ditching makeup is influenced by how beautiful she looks without it, with flawless skin and not a single wrinkle.

The #NoMakeup campaign is falling in that sticky area of society telling women yet again what is truly beautiful, and not leaving it up to them to decide for themselves.


After being professionally photographed for the first time, Keys wrote: “I felt powerful because my initial intentions realized themselves. My desire to listen to myself, to tear down the walls I built over all those years, to be full of purpose, and to be myself! The universe was listening to those things I’d promised myself, or maybe I was just finally listening to the universe, but however it goes, that’s how this whole #NoMakeup thing began.”

What do you think? Do you wear make up? Let us know?

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Jun. 7, 2016

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