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Hurray, hurray!!!!  Taraji P. Henson won Best Actress in a TV Series Drama for her work in “Empire” during the Golden Globes 2016 ceremony yesterday night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.

“Cookies for everyone tonight — my treat,” Taraji P. Henson began after passing out the sweets to Leonardo DiCaprio and Lady Gaga (among others). “Hollywood Foreign Press, thank you. I mean, who knew that playing an ex convict would take me all around the globe. It just goes to show — I thought it would be Queenie, Will, my character from Karate Kid — but it’s Cookie, who spent 17 years in jail for selling crack. So the world loves real, thank you. So many people to thank….”

We love “Empire” and we would lie if we wouldn’t say that we watch it only to have the pleasure to see Cookie Lyon’s character that Taraji P. Henson interprets for 2 season now.

People “loves real”, that is true. Thanks to Lee Daniels and Danny Strong this Cookie character is so real that it became iconic all over the world right after the first episode.

Henson’s success in playing Cookie is also a testament to the growing diversity in television and perhaps the lack of roles for black women in the movie business. On television, Henson, How to Get Away With Murder‘s Viola Davis, and Scandal‘s Kerry Washington have not only thrived, they’ve been recognized on the award circuit for their success. This comes in contrast to film, where the Oscars, last year, didn’t nominate a single person of color in the top four acting categories.

Taking on the role, Henson said, was the most daring thing she’s ever done.

“I was very nervous when I received the script [because] she wasn’t the most likable character — and I’ve played characters that weren’t likable. But this one was challenging because it was primetime network television. She beat her son with a broom — even though he did deserve it. She called one son a [f-word that rhymes with maggot]. But I’m the type of artist that if the role doesn’t scare me, I don’t want it.”

She continued, speaking on what “Empire” has done for television.

“I knew this was something special, something to shake up TV,” Henson said. “It was too safe and life is not safe. We did that with this show.”


Her speech was noticeable and her look too. She looks stunning in her Stella McCartney gown.  “Taraji is all woman,” said Stella McCartney . “She’s both new and Old Hollywood, which is rare to find.” And the feeling seems to be mutual: The actress chose a custom McCartney dress for tonight’s red carpet, gushing that it was “fresh, ethereal, elegant, and timeless.”

“We chose Stella because her work is always modern, cool, and relevant,” said Henson’s stylist, Jason Bolden. “There’s nothing more fundamental to any dress than the fit,” said Bolden, and the team fell for the way that McCartney’s detailed structured column accented Henson’s form and provided an overall air of refinement.

As Cookie, Henson needs to shine. She sought out serious sparkle from jeweler Kimberly McDonald. “[Her] jewels are always special and one of a kind,” said Bolden, who picked custom 108-carat, cushion-cut emerald pendant earrings. Amping up the wattage was a vintage 16-carat pear-shaped diamond ring that Bolden chose for its resemblance to the Chrysler Building’s spire. Soooo New York!



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Jan. 11, 2016

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