Diverse Beauty

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After photographing the actress Lupita Nyong’o, Alexi Lubomirski was so impressed by her natural beauty that he felt she didn’t need studio lighting because she radiated light from within. He was then inspired to create a book, which represents diverse beauty without boundaries.After shooting her, it struck him that he rarely had the chance to photograph beautiful women with a range of different “looks” for professional assignments.

Often when he submitted a list of models he was interested in shooting, responses would be along the lines of “We love her, but…”, “Her hair is a problem…”, “She is too dark.” In response, Lubomirski conceived Diverse Beauty’, which celebrates many different types of female beauty through sophisticated and lively fashion photographs.

‘Diverse Beauty’ embraces all beauty and aims to put every type of beauty on a pedestal, so that everyone who looks at it, no matter her race, size, color, or sexual orientation, can identify and see herself as beautiful.

About Lupita Nyong’o he says ‘Instead of her being a subject that needed light to be shone on her, and shot from a particular angle, she beamed light from within. She was also a natural beauty. When I say natural, I mean I believe that what was in front of me was essentially “her”.’

Lupita Nyong’o
Jane Zhang – ‘She is a Chinese mega-popstar and I shot her for Vogue China. We were jumping in and out of traffic on 5th Avenue. She has such a presence and confidence that was running in the middle of the street’
Philomena Kwao – ‘A gorgeous, intelligent model who is beautifully clear in how she describes herself and her idea of what real beauty actually means’


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Nov. 1, 2016

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