Fifty Shades of Colors For Your Lips


You dreamt about it and she made it for you. Bright lipstick colors to lit up your smile and fit your skin!

As a Benefit sales agent Florence Adepoju, a young Londoner, was a bit frustrated to notice that none of the colors proposed by the brand suited her dark skin. So she decided to go back to school to earn a chemistry degree in cosmetics from the London College of Fashion, so she could create her bespoke lipstick.

It was such a success that her company MDMflow, created in his parents backyards, is now sold in fancy stores such as Colette in Paris, Top Shop Oxford Circus in London and Nasty Gals.

It’s a new year, the occasion to try a new color! Which one will you choose?

Pictures by Andrew Testa via  The New York Times / Pictures from MDMFlow Campaign

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Jan. 4, 2016

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