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Eden Hagos is gracefully bring an East African past into an American future.

Eritrean by way of Los Angeles, Eden Hagos brings visibility to those future sounds that you can’t quite put your genre finger on. Deeply rooted in underground hip hop, sample-based, percussion-heavy tunes and future bass, Eden’s ear for unique sounds has kept her digging since her uncle gifted her with her first Fugees album at age 16.

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Since 2011, Eden has dropped 12 mixtapes. The third installation, Currently, caught the attention of Okayfuture, deeming the young beatstress a “prophet of future sounds.” The beat scene and local producers started listening and partnerships with artists, labels and connectors in the community became plentiful.

Eden’s influences come from those nearby – those who have given the San Diego and Los Angeles beat scenes a name – artists like AbJo, Mike Gao, eLan, Gonjasufi, Gaslamp Killer and the Soulection movement.

Eden is poised to bring light to the beat makers in this movement while uncovering and educating folks along the way of all genres that exist within these future sounds.

In college she earned a reputation for always having the best new tracks, making mixtapes by request for friends to listen to while they piled in front of the mirror together to get ready for parties. Since then, she’s carved out a signature voice that has garnered attention from the festival circuit to music critics and thousands of Instagram fans.

Eden is really proud of her natural hair. She recently said:”I didn’t really learn to appreciate it until I got to college. Growing up, my mother kept my and my sisters’ hair in braids. But my first year of college at UC Santa Barbara, I stayed in an African-American dormitory. Watching how much love and time other African-Americans in the hall put into their hair—that’s when I learned to get into styling and protecting my hair and appreciating that my texture was different. East Africans tend to have curly hair.


I watched online tutorials. I remember finding the DevaCurl founder’s videos and there’s one conditioning method I use to this day: I comb my hair in the shower and condition, then comb it forward and condition again. That makes the curls pop and gives it a fluff. I started to use the no ’poo method in Santa Barbara, which means sulfate- and chemical-free products. DevaCurl was only available in New York then. I used to mail order those products. Now I buy a lot of things from the health store—vitamin E, essential oils, tea tree as an astringent for my whole body. If I feel I have too much product or buildup, I’ll do a lemon rinse to get rid of it and make my hair lighter, too. Tea tree oil does the same thing but gives me a tingly, cleaner sensation. I air-dry, which takes about 30 minutes. Then I take the pick and do little clockwise circles [at the root] and pull it up a little bit all the way around my head. Then I put my hands in and do the fluff. For product, I break off a piece of aloe plant, take the gel out, and I scrunch it on my hair. Add essential oils like lavender and your hair looks, feels, and smells amazing all day.

To deep-condition but keep the color, I take a mashed-up avocado and put it in the blender until it’s really creamy. I just put it at the back of my hair and wrap it in Saran Wrap. Then I put an Egyptian clay mask on [my face] and finish it off with some coconut oil, vitamin E, or jojoba oil.” Some very good advices we will definitely follow!

Considering her style she finds her inspiration in Africa.

She explained “The dress that I was wearing for Afropunk is from my mother’s tribe. There are nine tribes in my country. My mother is part of the Bilen tribe and they’re known for being the most beautiful. They wear so much gold and a lot of red. My staple is always a good red lipstick—I will wear that of course. For the rest of my face, I’m working on an Egyptian look based on Nefertiti—the actual statue. I like her makeup—the gold and bronze on her eyes. So lots of eyes and clean skin. If you have good clean skin and a nice smile, you’re good to go.”!


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Sep. 6, 2016

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