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Summer is on its way… and you are starting to visualize your holidays, the beach … and the perfect bathing suit that will be your companion during all the season.

This is where the stress begins!!! You know that feeling … when you realize you didn’t really respect your new year’s resolutions, and you are desperately trying to find out how to loose weight before July! Tic tac tic tac…..

Don’t panic we may have found an answer to your question.

Have you ever heard of Alcaline diet?  Jada Pinkett Smith and Jennifer Lopez’s diet? Alkaline eating helps the body maintain healthy pH levels which improve digestion, skin tone and mood as well as weight loss.

“The philosophy of the alkaline lifestyle is this: Fueling your body with alkaline-rich foods and decreasing your acid intake will naturally balance and regulate your pH levels so your body doesn’t have to do all the work in regulating it on its own,”renowned health and wellness coach Dr. Gioffre says. “When you are pumping damaging acids into your body all day long, your body has to work so much harder to maintain its delicate pH, and this drains your energy and affects your body’s ability to heal itself.”

Considering pH’s levels:

Usually the body maintains a slightly alkaline level around 7.2–7.4. However, most modern diets and lifestyles pump our bodies with acid, throwing off the healthy, balanced pH. That is why we need to eat fewer acidic foods and more alkaline foods.

“Most fruits and vegetables are naturally alkaline—even the ones you might think are acidic, such as lemons, limes, grapefruits, and tomatoes,” Dr. Gioffre says. These foods have an acidic pH until they’re consumed, and then after they’re metabolized, they become very alkaline-forming to your body because of their high mineral and low sugar content. On the contrary, some things you might not expect to be acidic, such as breads, dairy, pastas, and meat, are full of harmful and damaging acids.

Foods to avoid
All of the below are extremely acid forming. To rebalance your body towards a more alkaline state you need to cut these items out of your diet:
– Caffeine
– Alcohol
– Dairy produce
– Meat
– Sugar
– Wheat and gluten
– Processed foods

Alkaline foods to indulge in:
– Barley, millet, soya bean
– Avocado, berry, lime, mango
– Carrot, garlic, butternut squash
– Almonds, coconut oil, olive oil
– Herbal teas

In her book Honestly Healthy Cleanse, Natasha Corrett has a range of four cleanses with recipes to rebalance your body. Each of the four cleanses in the book is designed to fit in with your lifestyle, depending on whether you want a weekend cleanse, a pre-event slimdown or a cleanse for heavy exercise.


A two- or three-day liquid cleanse, comprising smoothies, juices, teas and soups – all designed to give your body a rest from digesting and to help draw out the toxins naturally.

This six-day cleanse will give you a gentle kick-start to shift any extra pounds before a party, holiday or special event. You’ll be eating raw salads with soups and smoothies, which will boost your immune system.

This six-day cleanse is designed for people who are exercising a lot, who want to find out how to get more vegetarian protein into their daily diet and cleanse their body at the same time.

This 30-day cleanse is a stepping stone to a new, healthier you. Once you’ve achieved the first 30 days, there will be no turning back – you will make definite lifestyle changes for the better as you’ll feel so energised.

Top tips for any cleanse
Get all your shopping done before you start a cleanse. Make up the first day’s worth of food so you are ahead of time. Remove or hide any food that you normally turn to for a ‘fix.
Drink plenty of water – ideally, at least 2 litres of water per day.
Clear your mind of any problems. Do whatever works best – read a book, meditate or pay yourself some attention

The ingredients for a healthy smile

How you might feel and what might happen
If you have not undertaken a cleanse before, be warned that you might feel worse before you feel better. The process of drawing toxins out of your body results in classic symptoms, such as:
Skin break-outs

“If you’ve done any researching on the alkaline diet, you probably ran into some naysayers who say that eating and drinking alkaline is worthless because you can’t change your blood pH,” Dr. Gioffre says. “Well, that isn’t exactly right, and by saying this they’re missing the entire point. The purpose of eating alkaline is not to raise your pH. The purpose of eating alkaline is to make the balancing process easier for your body by giving it the necessary minerals and nutrients it needs to neutralise the acid so that it doesn’t have to fight the acid on its own. And once your body doesn’t have to waste so much energy fighting off acid, your body will heal instead of react, and you’ll see all kinds of benefits in the way you look and feel.”


What do you think? Have you tried it already? Are you tempted?

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Mar. 25, 2016

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