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Over the time animal print has become iconic.

Why are we so in love with it? From Presidents, to First ladies, to fashion icons, to the street, everybody is wearing leopard print. It is a basic that we preciously  keep in our closet and recycle depending on fashion trends. Today is easier than ever as faux fur allows to be stylish and socially conscious!

First, in prehistoric time, leopard fur was used to keep out the cold, then it was a way for some African leaders, to appropriate the powers of the animal. Imported in the West, it  became the symbol of man’s triumph over the animal.

In the 1920s, in Hollywood, the leopard print was part of every pin-up’s closet, while in France it was the latest chic. In the 1950s, Christian Dior introduced in leopard print coats.

Twenty years later, hippies, rockers and punks away reason in revolt symbol and indecency.

A lifestyle that appeals to Yves Saint-Laurent, Azzedine Alaïa and to to Italians Gianni Versace and Roberto Cavalli, distilling print all spotted in their collections throughout the 1990s.

Today leopard print is a neutral. In Paris it is considered as a neutral color as black, grey, beige or white!

What about you? How do you like to wear it?



Presidential Leopard

Rock n’ roll Leo

Parisian Leopard

Vintage Hollywood Leopard

Cover: Naomi Campbell by Tom Munro via Vogue Russia



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Jan. 8, 2016

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