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Winter is here…and it’s freezing! Snow covered New York City, and in Paris even if it’s looks like spring today, snow ahead for next week!

With that kind of weather the only thing you want (when you are forced to go out), is to wear a very comfy coat. A kind of Jon Snow inspired outfit with (faux) fur* to keep you warm … and sexy! Here are some inspirations to wear (faux) fur from 9 to 5 and more!

What about you? How do you like to wear  it?

7AM – Powder Fur For Breakfast

10AM – Row Fur For The Streets


1PM – Screen Fur For Business Lunch

5PM – Iconic Fur For Tea


7PM – Bright Fur For Cocktails


10PM – Drama Fur For The Night


(*) Remember faux fur is better, warmer and you’ll look prettier in it!



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Jan. 26, 2016
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