An App. To Relax and Focus?

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We have recently discovered this application And to tell you the truth we are completely addict to it! 

Here is what you can read on the presentation:

“ is the next generation of Transparent Corp. Transparent was founded originally by Adam Hewett & Cynthia Trang in 2003, where we made niche audio brainwave software for psychologists, researchers and hobbyists. Used daily in research labs, therapists offices, and tens of thousands of homes in over 180 countries. Transparent software has been instrumental in peer-reviewed clinical studies, and we hold a patent on a unique method for embedding brainwave stimulation into audio.
In 2014, Junaid joined the Transparent team to lead the company’s next incarnation – combines the best from the past, incorporates new innovation including intensive EEG analysis by our lead neuroscientist from Northwestern University – making audio brainwave accessible to anyone. Our mission is to solve ADD, Anxiety ∓ Insomnia via audio brainwave training. is the first big step.”

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We were very skeptical and very curious at the same time. We have tried the focus programme while working and it is really efficient. We really believe in meditation vertu and couldn’t imagine that technology could be as good as organics technique.

What do you think?

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Dec. 13, 2015

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